Shri Sanjeev Kumar Chadha, IFS
Principal Secretary,Cooperation Department
Dr. Uddhaba Chandra Majhi, IAS,
Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Odisha
Sri Biswa Ranjan Mohanty, Chairman

Shri Bhaktabandhu Sahoo, OCS(I)
Managing Director,
Odisha Cooperative Housing Corporation Ltd., Bhubaneswar
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Housing Projects
1. Lingipur Project
The Project launched during the period of 1985-86 in the periphery of Bhubaneswar Municipality. Ac.35.076 dec. of land was acquired. The total cost of the Project was Rs.138.63 lakhs Total sale proceeds from the above project Rs.176.09. Nearly Ac.1.5 decimal of land is left out for School / Park / Play ground for the purpose as per the layout plan. The details on scheme-wise no. of Plots with size are given below.
Sl. No. Scheme No. of Plots. Size of Plot
1. H.I.G. 99 Nos. 50 x 70 = 3500 sft.
2. M.I.G. / M.S.R. 120 Nos. 60 x 40 = 2400 sft.
3. L.I.G. / L.S.R. 193 Nos. 50 x 30 = 1500 sft.
4. E.W.S. 151 Nos. 20 x 36 =720 sft.
5. Shop-cum-Residence 28 Nos. 20 x 40 = 800 sft.
6. H.I.G. ( Irregular) 6 Nos.  
  Total: 596 Nos.  
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Total Letters :                                   981
Letters Dispatched on 24-Aug-2013:  38

2. Shyampur Housing Projects
The Project was undertaken during year 1997-98. Ac.8.825 dec. of land was acquired for the purpose . The total land cost was Rs.67.90 lakhs Amount of Rs.255.00 lakhs was earned from the project operating surplus of Rs.187.69.
3. Dhouli Nagar Plotted Scheme
The project is situated at Tamando in Mouza Badaraghunathpur on the left side of N.H.5 towards Khurda about 6 K.M. from Khandagiri square. Ac.50.169 dec. land was acquired. The total cost of land was Rs.200.76 lakhs. Out of project area 25 Acres has been sold to M/s A.B.C.L. Ltd. @ Rs.12.90 lakhs per acre. The rest 25 Acres has been allotted to 396 nos. of allottees after developing the plots. The details on scheme-wise no. of Plots with size are given below.
Sl. No. Scheme No. of Plots. Size of Plot
1. Executive 46 Nos. 55 x 75 = 4125 sft.
2. Classic 128 Nos. 35 x 55 = 1925 sft.
3. Delux 54 Nos. 45 x 65 =2925 sft.
4. Regular 156 Nos. 25 x 40 = 1000 sft.
5. Shop-cum-Residence 22 Nos. 24 x 30 = 720 sft.
  Total: 406 Nos.  
4. Kalinga Vihar Project
The O.C.H.C. Ltd. launched Kaling Vihar Project Puri during the year 1990-91. This projected is located alongside the sea beach of the Bay of Bengal in Sipasarubali Mouza Puri. The Corporation acquired Ac.110.281 decimal of land during the period from 1990-91 to 1993-94. Cost incurred for purchase of land Rs.298.27 lakh, Expenditure incurred for site development is Rs.232.67 lakhs. The total project cost is Rs.530.94 lakhs. The details on scheme-wise no. of Plots with size are given below.
Sl. No. Scheme No. of Plots. Size of Plot
1. VIP 180 Nos. 46 x 100 = 4600 sft.
2. H.I.G. 210 Nos. 50 x 80 = 4000 sft.
3. M.I.G.-I 163 Nos 50 x 60 =3000 sft.
4. M.I.G.-II 280 Nos. 40 x 50 = 2000 sft.
5. M.I.G.-III 44 Nos. 38 x 50 = 1900 sft.
6. L.I.G. 191 Nos. 30 x 50 = 1500 sft.
7. E.W.S. 150 Nos. 25 x 40 = 1000 sft.
8. Commercial 26 Nos. 18 x 20 = 360 sft.
  Total: 1244 Nos.  
5. Dhouli Heights Tamando, Bhubaneswar
The Odisha Cooperative Housing Corporation Ltd. Bhubaneswar has launched multistoried residential Hosing Project on PPP mode in its own land over area measuring 24,000 sqft. located at Tamando Bhubaneswar on the left side of N.H.-16 towards Khurda about 6 K.M. from Khandagir. Almost all houses has been allotted . The work is in progress. The possession shall be given on completion of work.
6. Lavanya-I, Kunarpur, Cuttack
The OCHC has taken up Plotted Development Scheme in joint venture mode on profit sharing basis with M/s Tirumala Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd. over an area of Ac.12.006 dec. in the Mouza of Kuanarpur in the District of Cuttack 17 K.M. away from N.H.16 200 Nos. of HIG/ MIG Plots have been allotted through a open lottery. The project have boundary wall concrete road & street light. After mutation & conversion of land to homestead land, the execution of sale deed are in full swing.
7. Lavanya-II,Olatapur, Cuttack
After successful implementation of Lavanya-I Plotted Development Scheme Project at Kunarpur the OCHC has taken up 2nd Plotted Development Scheme under name and style Lavanya-2 Olatpur over an area of Ac.60.00 dec. land at Olatpur with same joint venture mode with TIDPL. About 850 nos. of Plots under HIG/ MIG Scheme were allotted through open lottery. Execution of sale deed in favour of the allottee has been taken up.
8. Lavanya-III, Pattnaikia, Puri
The Corporation has also launched 3rd Plotted Development Scheme at Mouza-Sadanandapur Pattnaikia Chhak, Puri over Ac.13.00 dec. of land. The Project is situated nearby N.H.203 & 19 K.M. away from the Temple of Sri Lord Jagannath, Puri. 13 nos. of plots under HIG/MIG scheme have been allotted through open lottery. Execution of sale deed in favour of allottee is in progress.
9. Paradeep Project, Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur
During the year 2016-17 the Corporation has taken another step to launch a Mega Housing Project at Paradeep to provide affordable housing to lower income section of the Society. For the purpose, the OCHC has already acquired Ac.0.4.22 dec. of land from Govt. The lease deed has also been executed in favour of the Corporation. All other formalities is being maintained to launch the project very shortly.
Office Premises & Quarter
  • The Corporation has multi-storeyed building of its own. It has let out 61233 sqft. of space to Banks / Corporation / Individuals in its Office Complex.
  • The Corporation has 77 numbers of quarters adjacent to Office Building 7 quarters have been allotted to staff as staff quarter. Other quarters are let out to staff, individuals & Odisha Forest Development Corporation.
  • Rs.22.39 lakhs has been generated from the let out of Office complex and R.H.S. Colony of the Corporation per month.
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