Shri Sanjeev Kumar Chadha, IFS
Principal Secretary,Cooperation Department
Dr. Uddhaba Chandra Majhi, IAS,
Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Odisha
Sri Biswa Ranjan Mohanty, Chairman

Shri Bhaktabandhu Sahoo, OCS(I)
Managing Director,
Odisha Cooperative Housing Corporation Ltd., Bhubaneswar
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Achievement of the Corporation
  • Having availed credit assistance from L.I.C., HUDCO & State Govt. the Corporation has invested Rs.10253.87 Crores through its 71 Primary HBCS in the State.
  • 21131 Nos. of Units has been constructed under L.I.C. & Govt. Scheme.
  • The Credit-cum-Subsidy Scheme has been launched by the Corporation as selected implementing agency by the State Govt. to undertake the sponsored scheme meant for the Rural people in the State.
  • 7073 Nos. of houses has been constructed under the scheme.
eDespatch Letters
Total Letters :                                   981
Letters Dispatched on 24-Aug-2013:  38

The Corporation has planned to undertake the following annual plan programme for the year 2018-19 for which financial support as detailed below is required for the purpose.
(Rs. in Lakhs)
Plan for coverage of Housing loan during coming 5 years under Rural Housing Scheme by OCHC Ltd.
Sl. No. Particulars Amount required.
1. Lunching of Housing Development Scheme at Paradeep over an area of 4.22 Acres of Govt. land. The land has been acquired. The purpose of the scheme is to construct and sale of houses under affordable hosing scheme. Rs. 30.00 Crores (Approx)
2. Lunching of Plotted Dev. Scheme at Primary Level under Private Public Partnership. Rs. 35.00 Crores
3. Repayment of balance loan dues of LIC of India, Mumbai(Principal) Rs. 17.84 Crores
4. Repayment of Govt. loan Rs.8.08 Crores
  Total Rs. 90.92 Crores
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